Brett Goldstein surprises his parents with his role in “Thor: Love and Thunder”

Posted by bforblogs | Jul 20, 2022

Hollywood actor Brett Goldstein has shared how he kept secret his role in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ even from his own family.

In the recently released superhero epic, he played the role of Hercules, the son of Russell Crowe’s Zeus.

In a recent interview with a Magazine, Goldstein made a joke that he didn’t tell anyone about his role because Marvel put a chip in his neck that said, “If you talk about this, you’re dead,” at an event for his hit OTT series “Ted Lasso” in Los Angeles on Monday.

He further shared that “My mom and dad, I sent them a text and said, ‘I’ve just seen Thor.’ I knew it was not the kind of film they would prefer to see. I said, ‘You should go see it. It’s funny.”

He even said that his mother texted him “all the way through the film” when she saw it, giving him a “running commentary.”

“It gets to the end bit, where it shows Russell Crowe. … My mom texts me ‘Russell Crowe is in it again, he is very funny.’ I go, ‘F—ing look up at the screen!’ ” She enjoyed it.

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