Chinese Military warns US over House Speaker’s Visit to Taiwan during Asia Tour

Posted by Ankit Sharma | Aug 01, 2022
nancy pelosi

The Chinese foreign ministry issued the latest warning to US, as US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi landed in Singapore earlier on Monday on a four-nation tour including Malaysia, South Korea, and Japan.

Speaking at the foreign ministry briefing, China warned against the “egregious political impact” of the US Diplomat Pelosi’s planned visit to the self-governing island that China claims as a part of its territory and warned the US again that the “People’s Liberation Army (PLA)  “won’t sit by idly” if Beijing feels its “sovereignty and territorial integrity” is being threatened.

When asked about the fallout from Pelosi leading a congressional delegation to Taipei, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told reporters, “We would like to tell the US once again that China is standing by, and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army will never sit idly by. China will take resolute responses and strong countermeasures to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity”. 

He then added, “As for what measures, if she dares to go, then let’s wait and see”.

The People’s Liberation Army’s Eastern Theater Command said it would “Bury incoming enemies” in a video posted online Monday showing off its weaponry and fighting tactics. 

“Firmly stand by and ready for the fighting command; Bury all incoming enemies,” a message posted on Weibo said. Although Chinese military did not mention Taiwan.

“Joe Biden’s administration will support Pelosi on a trip to Taiwan” National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications John Kirby said. 

He further told CNN, “We want to make sure that when she travels overseas, she can do so safely and securely and we’re going to make sure of that. There is no reason for the Chinese rhetoric. There is no reason for any actions to be taken. It is not uncommon for congressional leaders to travel to Taiwan,”.

Kirby also said, “We shouldn’t be as a country — we shouldn’t be intimidated by that rhetoric or those potential actions. This is an important trip for the speaker to be on and we’re going to do whatever we can to support her,”.

The issue of Taiwan remains one of the most contentious. President Joe Biden and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping discussed it at length in a two-hour-and-17-minute phone call on Thursday, as tensions mounted between Washington and Beijing.

The administration takes extra care of Pelosi’s security when she travels overseas because she is in the presidential line of succession.

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