HBO’s TV show is almost certainly dropping tomorrow for The trailer “The Last of Us”

Posted by bforblogs | Sep 27, 2022
the last of us hbo seriesgets-a-release-date-2

Hey, You guys may have already caught a glimpse of the much-loved HBO television show ‘The Last of You’, but tomorrow, September 26th, could be a big day for the long-term development adaptation. All those viewers who are our favorite current fans will already know that 26th September is the last day of our days. This day was previously known as Outbreak Day – which refers to the date of the outbreak of the Cordyceps virus in Canon’s franchise.

Series creator Neil Druckmann and writer Craig Mazin are increasingly building up the hype on social media. The Vice President of Naughty Dog wrote on Twitter that this weekend, “Two days left until our last day Twitter Earlier in the weekend. “What will happen this year?”. He included a sci-fi GIF of Marlene’s character, to which Mazin responded with a GIF of Ellie trembling. There is almost certainly something going on.

The proof goes even further when you consider that HBO is currently running a brand campaign called 50 Years Ago, which is designed to celebrate the broadcaster’s five decades of groundbreaking television. has been designed. As part of that, it offers a promising sneak peek and first look at some of its upcoming HBO Originals, of which The Last of Us is currently one of the top picks in its flagships. Don’t you think it really takes a lot of talent to put two and two together here?

In other related news, there’s an official Twitter account for the TV show  @TheLastofUsHBO, and no content has been put on it yet – well, do you think it’s in preparation for a huge promotion? come, don’t you? At this point, we believe it’s a certainty – let’s wait and see what our last day of tomorrow will bring, shall we?

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