Jordan Peele marks his third film ‘Nope’ to reach $115 million Worldwide

Posted by bforblogs | Sep 06, 2022
Jordan Peele'S Nope

With the release of ‘Nope’, Director Jordan Peele scored $115 Million at the Global Box office in August this year. The film, still playing in 2,760 North American theaters, now sits in fourth place at the domestic box office.

Compared to Peele’s previous films, Nope is trailing behind both Get Out, which earned $13.4 million on its fourth weekend, and Us, which received $6.8 million. Despite falling behind those two films, Nope still managed to surpass $100 million at the domestic box office in the first week of August 2022.

Despite tracking behind his previous work, Nope may still have some legs at the box as the summer movie season ends with less competitive films opening up in the upcoming weeks.

Considering Peele’s previous work, Nope has been well received by critics with the film earning an 82% critical score on Rotten Tomatoes with praise directed at its originality, spectacle, and Peele’s directing. 

If we consider Cinemascore, the film earned a B rating, the same score that Us earned, but behind Get Out’s A- score.

Also, Peele has been conferred with the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay with ‘Get Out’ which was also nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role, Best Achievement in Directing, and Best Picture.

Nope seems to be another success for Jordan Peele.

Film Nope’s brief story is about two siblings as they begin to witness strange and abnormal events unfolding at their horse ranch and in their local town.

The main characters of the film are Academy Award-winner Daniel Kaluuya, who previously collaborated with Peele on Get Out, alongside Keke Palmer, Academy Award-nominee Steven Yeun, Brandon Perea, Michael Wincott, Wrenn Schmidt, and Keith David.

Jordan Peele’s Film Nope earned $115 Million worldwide in August this year.