Posted by bforblogs | Jul 26, 2022

Nope cost $68 million, which is significantly more than Get Out (with its slender $4.5 million budget) and Us (with its $20 million budget). So the movie will require a little more coinage than Jordan Peele’s past films to turn a profit.

Audiences responded with a resounding “yep” to Jordan Peele‘s science-fiction thriller Nope, which topped the US box office with its $44 million debut.

Those ticket sales were slightly behind projections of $50 million and fall in between Peele’s first two films, 2017’s Get Out (which opened to $33 million) and 2019’s Us (which opened to $71 million). Nope may not have cemented a new box office record for Peele, but it marks a strong start for an original, R-rated horror film.

“The opening isn’t as big as Us, but it’s still extremely impressive,” says David A. Gross, who runs the movie consulting firm Franchise Entertainment Research.