Pakistan floods: Death toll crossed 1000, Turkey & UAE come forward for International aid

Posted by Ankit Sharma | Aug 29, 2022
Pakistan floods

Pakistan has been suffering from widespread floods since Mid-June and the death toll crossed 1,000 in such a deadly monsoon season. 

Sherry Rehman, a top Pakistani climate official, said “Pakistan is experiencing a ‘serious climate catastrophe’, one of the hardest in the decade”.

Flash flooding from the heavy rains has washed away villages and crops as soldiers and rescue workers evacuated stranded residents to the safety of relief camps and provided food to thousands of displaced Pakistanis.

She further said that they are at the moment at ground zero of the front line of extreme weather events, in an unrelenting cascade of heatwaves, forest fires, flash floods, multiple glacial lake outbursts, flood events and now the monster monsoon of the decade is wreaking non-stop havoc throughout the country.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the European Union retweeted the on-camera statement.

Kamran Bangash, spokesperson for the provincial government said “Flooding from the Swat River overnight affected northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, where tens of thousands of people — especially in the Charsadda and Nowshehra districts — have been evacuated from their homes for relief camps set up in government buildings. Many have also taken shelter on roadsides”.

Also, the army’s helicopters struggled to pluck people to safety in the north, where soaring mountains and deep valleys make for treacherous flying conditions.

However, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates came forward as international aid to Pakistan. Cargo planes from both countries initiated the international rush to assist the impoverished nation, landing on Sunday in Islamabad, carrying tents, food, and other daily necessities.