Pathan: The Box Office Collection

Posted by bforblogs | Feb 08, 2023
Pathan: Record Breaking Collection

Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and John Abraham star in the high-octane spy thriller “Pathan,” directed by Siddharth Anand. The film was released on January 25, 2023, and since then, it has been making waves at the box office. The film has collected an impressive amount of Rs 315 crore nett in just seven days in India alone.

Pathan Breaks Records: It Crosses Rs 450 Cr at Domestic Box Office

The film was highly anticipated by fans and moviegoers, and it did not disappoint. The star-studded cast, action-packed plot, and visually stunning cinematography all combined to create a memorable and thrilling experience for audiences.

Pathaan has scored a box office collection of approx Rs 446 crore nett in India so far. Although becoming the highest-grossing Hindi film might be challenging, it’s not impossible. Currently, Baahubali 2: The Conclusion holds the record with a total collection of Rs 510.99 crore.

One of the key factors contributing to the film’s success was its promotion. The marketing campaign was well-planned and executed, reaching a wide audience through various mediums such as Twitter sessions, global promotions at the FIFA World Cup 2022, and much more. The promotion, along with the star power of Shah Rukh Khan, helped bring the movie to the forefront of people’s minds and increased interest in seeing it on the big screen.

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The film’s release has also had a positive impact on single-screen theatres. Over 25 single screen theatres across the country, many of which were previously shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, have re-opened to show “Pathan.” The revival of these single screen theatres is a testament to the film’s box office success and the power of cinema to bring people together.

In conclusion, “Pathan” has lived up to the hype and is a testament to the box office prowess of Shah Rukh Khan and the rest of the cast and crew. The film has been well-received by audiences and has set a new benchmark for spy thrillers in Bollywood. It’s safe to say that the king is back and the box office is once again ready to bow down to his majesty.

Pathan: The record break film Crosses Rs 450 Cr at Domestic Box Office
Pathaan has earned an estimated Rs 446 crore nett in India as of now, according to box office reports.
The budget for "Pathan" is estimated at INR 250 crore, although the exact amount has not been confirmed by Yash Raj films.
The highest-grossing Shah Rukh Khan film is Chennai Express (2013) which collected approximately 1.27 billion Indian rupees (INR) at the box office.