Qatar World Cup 2022, Portugal vs. Ghana

Posted by bforblogs | Nov 25, 2022
Portugal vs Ghana 2022

Ghana 3-2 Portugal, final score

What’s up? Am I OK? Someone check on Iaki. ​​​​​​

I believe we requested goals, correct?

What a crazy second half it was: Portugal took the lead, Ghana tied it up, Portugal regained the lead, and Ghana then gave it to them with the wildest of finishes!

Overall, Portugal will be pleased with the attacking performance they gave us in the second half, and the wide range of quality on the bench means that a game that was boring for the first 45 minutes may turn at any time.

Sometimes, Cristiano (the first male player to score in five World Cups) and Joao Félix both appeared vivacious, and Bruno did a commendable job of tying everything together.