Two Trains derailed in the US, 1 person is dead and dozens of nearby residents were forced to evacuate

Posted by Ankit Sharma | Aug 30, 2022
train derailed in El Paso, Texas

One person is dead after the trains derailed in El Paso, Texas, hitting a gas line and forcing residents to evacuate the area Monday night, officials said.

The El Paso Fire Department said late Monday that crews had responded to an incident where two train cars derailed, damaging a backyard shed, a fence, and a gas meter.

It said nearby homes had been evacuated “as a safety precaution” and urged others to avoid the area of Franklin and Barton as it was an “active emergency scene.”

The fire department later announced that at least one person had died in the train derailment. It was not clear how they died and officials did not release any details on the victim’s identities. No other injuries were reported, the fire department said.


(Source: nbcnews)