US Attorney General “Personally Approved” FBI search at Trump’s Home this week

Posted by Ankit Sharma | Aug 12, 2022
Merric Garland

US Attorney General Merrick Garland confirmed that he had “personally approved” the FBI’s extraordinary raid at Donald Trump’s Florida home. He also condemned “unfounded attacks” on the FBI following the unprecedented action against an ex-president.

However, he did not explain the apparent reason behind the search but stressed that there was a “probable cause”. Moreover, the reports say that the search was conducted for documents related to nuclear weapons.

He said to the reporters, “I personally approved the decision to seek a search warrant in this matter, The department does not take such a decision lightly.”

The people who are familiar with the investigation say that FBI officials were looking for classified documents related to nuclear weapons, among other items, at Trump’s Florida-based home

However, they neither explain the documents in detail, nor whether the documents related to nuclear weapons belonging to the US or another nation.

But, if it comes out that Trump took the documents from the white house, it would raise the question of why a former president would need such closely guarded secrets after leaving office. 

The possibility that such material would be held at an unsecured facility, where guests come and go and where it would be potentially vulnerable to penetration by a foreign intelligence service, would alarm government officials.

Mike Pence, Former vice president of the US, expressed “deep concern” and said that the raid smacked “partisanship” by the Justice Department.

Trump said, “Nothing like this has ever happened to a President of the United States before,” and condemned the raid as “Politically motivated” and a “weaponization” of the Justice Department.

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